Yahoo! BOSS Services

Yahoo! BOSS offer developers several premium API services allowing them to build innovative technology applications quickly and efficiently. BOSS also offers Sponsored Search to developers so that they can monetize their offerings and building a successful business.

Yahoo! BOSS consists of two categories of services, Search related services and Geo related services. BOSS Also provides developers access to several BOSS API, BOSS Site Search.

Yahoo! BOSS Search API

The BOSS API provides developers access to Search data from different backends such as web search, image search, news search, spelling and blog search. Developers get significant flexibility to re-rank or blend the search results and build innovative search applications.

The services are offered at a nominal price ranging from $0.10 to $0.80 per 1000 queries. Developers can also apply for Sponsored Search. Qualified developers can show Yahoo! Search Ads on their site and obtain a revenue share from the Ads. Click to learn more about the BOSS Search API offering.

Note: The BOSS API and BOSS Geo offerings, being API's share a common authentication system and hence keys can be shared across both services seamlessly.

Yahoo! BOSS Hosted

BOSS Hosted Search provides developers a fully hosted Search solution while continuing to provide developers flexibility to control the branding, control the look and feel of the search algo and advertising results. The service is offered for free and qualified developers will get a revenue share for Ads shown as a part of the experience. Click here to learn more.

Yahoo! BOSS Site Search

BOSS Site Search provides developers access to a customized index tailored to the content of the site. Developers can also monetize their offering by showing Sponsored Search Ads. Click here to learn more. Note that Site Search is currently offered as a pilot project.

Yahoo! BOSS Geo Services

Yahoo! BOSS offers developers interested in Geo data access to two services, PlaceFinder and PlaceSpotter (formerly known as Placemaker).


Placefinderis a REST Web service that supports world-wide geocoding of street addresses, points of interest, airports, and place names. In addtion, Placefinder also supports reverse Geocoding i.e. the coversion of geographical coordinates (latitude/longitude) to addresses.


PlaceSpotterhelps developers make their applications location-aware by identifying places in unstructured and atomic content - feeds, web pages, news, status updates - and returning geographic metadata for geographic indexing and markup.

Note: The prior non-commercial versions of Placefinder and Placemaker will be shutdown on November 17th 2012. Learn more on how to upgrade.

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BOSS developers who sign up for new platform have access to a support form for specific questions relating to issues such as billing, services issues, etc.

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